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Maska Photoshop. Also, learn how to move a mask, edit mask properties, and delete a mask without deleting pixels. You need to understand the basics of photoshop layer masks before attempting to create complex masks.

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Layer masking is a nondestructive way to hide parts of an image or layer without erasing them. In photoshop cc, click the lock icon to unlock it. To choose a new mask color, click the color box, and choose a new color.

Select The Brush Tool In The Toolbar.

Check out another of my videos: Open the select and mask workspace and use the refine edge tool to adjust the mask. The icon is of a square with a circle in the middle.

Now, Here’s The Easy Way To Copy The Mask.

Press ⌘ cmd + o (mac) or ctrl + o (pc) to open a new image. Press ⌘ command + a (mac) or ctrl + a. At this point, you create your layer mask.

Adobe Photoshop, Atau Biasa Disebut Photoshop, Adalah Perangkat Lunak Editor Citra Buatan Adobe Systems Yang Dikhususkan Untuk Pengeditan Foto/Gambar Dan Pembuatan Efek.

But this just moves a single mask around. No, i’m kidding about that too, here’s the general process (but it is *not* quick): If there is not a white border, click the layer mask thumbnail.

Also, Learn How To Move A Mask, Edit Mask Properties, And Delete A Mask Without Deleting Pixels.

Soften the mask edges by dragging the feather slider to the right. That is the layer mask. Simak pembahasan lebih lanjut cara menambahkan foto dengan clipping mask di photoshop yang mudah dan praktis, dikutip dari laman resmi adobe:

Select The Image And Click Open To Continue.

A white box will appear next to your layer icon. You accomplish this by selecting the image you want to mask. Drag the shift edge slider to the right to move.

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