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Ярък и наситен цвят удобно се нанася начин на употреба: Neonail lady in red hybridlack 2609 lady ferrari 7,2ml 2609 lady ferrari | neonail color uv gel polish ist ein hybridlack mit innovativer formel, die die eigenschaften von traditionellem nagellack und elastischen uv gel vereint. Even more fire and emotions!

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Neonail moments, 7.2 мл., лакове за нокти за жени, характеристики: Neonail gel polishes are innovative products that combine the properties of traditional nail polishes and flexible hybrid uv gels. We like to boast about them, because gel polishes are our pride and specialty.

Contains The Elements Necessary To Create A Hybrid Manicure And Remove It.

Moulin rouge collection 6 ml. Gently polish the toenail with a polishing pad. Schon seit mehr als zehn jahren zählt die marke neonail zu den bedeutendsten herstellern in den bereichen uv nagellacke und nagelpflege.

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Při objednávce nad 500kč máte poštovné zdarma! Find the biggest selection of products from neonail. Degrease the nails with the neonail nail cleaner.

9,89€ Uv Gel Lak /Hibridni Lak Za Nohte Visokokvaliteten Neonail Uv Gel Lak Prednosti:

Welcome to the brand that as revolutionised the nail & beauty world! Even more fire and emotions! 2609 lady ferrari neonail lady in red collection uv hybrid nail polish soak off 7,2ml :

Add The Uv Hard Base And Cure Under Led Lamp Or Uv Lamp Light.

Uv gel polish starter kit by neonail. Apply a thin layer of hard base and cure in a led or uv lamp according to the table. (do not wipe the nails with the cleaner afterward).

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